Police Department

"The mission of the St. Louis County Police Department is to work cooperatively with the public and within the frame work of the constitution to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide a safe environment in our neighborhoods. The St. Louis County Police Department is committed to professional management and to providing our services in a manner that is responsive to the community concerns. We pledge to always be sensitive to the needs of our citizens."

Whether you live here in the city of Dellwood, visiting, or just traveling through, you can be assured that the St. Louis County Police Department is using all of its resources to protect, prevent, and provide. We are committed to protecting you and your family and providing the highest quality law enforcement services available anywhere.

I appreciate your interest in our city and support of the men and women who make up "Dellwood's Finest."

For crime statistics, vacation checks, neighborhood concerns, and more, join the Dellwood Communication email account. Email Officer James Monroe. The contact list will be kept private and sent out as blind copied so no one else can see any other email addresses on the contact list.

For more information on St. Louis County Police Department, please visit their website.