Attorney Information

Attorney Guidelines
  • The prosecutor for the City of Dellwood is Timothy J. Smith
  • Attorney’s Call generally begins between 5:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.  Attorneys will speak with the prosecutor in the order they check in on court night.
  • Court proceedings are held at Dellwood City Hall, 1415 Chambers Road, Dellwood, Missouri 63135
Entry of Appearance / Recommendation Request / Discovery Request
Please deliver in person or mail your entry of appearance, request for a recommendation and request for discovery (if applicable).
The City of Dellwood Municipal Court
1415 Chambers Road
Dellwood, MO 63135

  • Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your recommendation.
  • Warrants are not automatically cancelled upon receiving an entry of appearance.  In some cases, the warrant will be able to be cancelled upon receiving the entry, in other cases a bond will have to be posted before the court will accept the entry of appearance.
  • DWI Cases - Prosecutor requires a driving record from Department of Revenue, and proof of valid insurance before a recommendation will be given.
  • Attorney will receive a written recommendation from the prosecutor by mail. If recommendation is not paid by the date and time given, a court appearance will be required to speak with the prosecutor both defendant and Attorney must appear or a “failure to appear” charge will be filed and a warrant will be issued.
  • Appearances - The recommendation will note if an appearance is required, otherwise recommendations may be accepted by the attorney and defendant signing the green recommendation form and returning with payment in full by the date and time given.
  • It is the attorney’s responsibility to notify the defendant of this order.
  • All payments are due in full by the scheduled date on the recommendation.
Tickets Involving an Accident
  • Tickets resulting from an accident will require a letter of coverage from the defendant’s insurance provider for the day of the accident.