Permits & Inspections

Building Permits
Building Permits are required for all kinds of construction, including but not limited to room and garage additions, basement finished, sheds, and decks etc. Before beginning on any construction, of these items, it may be necessary that a building permit be applied for and obtained. If you have any questions about if a permit is needed or what to do to obtain a permit please contact the building code inspector at 314-521-4339. These forms are available online.

Zoning Permits
Please note that a municipal zoning permit is required from the City of Dellwood for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical projects. This form must be approved by the City of Dellwood and then submitted to the St. Louis County Public Works Department fro approval before obtaining a building permit from the City of Dellwood. The Municipal Zoning Permit is available online.

Occupancy Inspections
In the City of Dellwood, all occupied buildings must be inspected and certified for compliance with the Dellwood Code Enforcement Officer sold or occupied by a new resident, tenant or business. New occupants are required to obtain an occupancy permit before occupying any house or commercial buildings. Inspections applications and occupancy permits can be obtained from the document center.  Contact the Building Code Officer at 314-521-4339 for details. These forms are are available online.

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