Historical Information

In March of 1951 this area was granted Village status and incorporated as same by the Secretary of State's Office in Jefferson City after a vote of the residents living within the boundaries of the Village. That was the BIRTH of Dellwood. The Governing body of the Village was the Board of Trustees. They elected a Chairman from their body of five members. All other Officers/Positions in the Village were appointed. In those days, the City Attorney was paid, all others served voluntarily. We might add that they served many long hours……voluntarily. The Board of Trustees Meeting, chaired by one of them, met monthly and passed ordinances/laws that were to govern the Village. In the early years they met at the J&J Building which was at 1440 Chambers Road.

Governmental Organization

 By a residential election in November of 1954, the Village of Dellwood voted to apply for and become a Fourth Class City in the State of Missouri. The Board of Trustees endorsed that application feeling that Ward Representation would better serve all the people and would increase Village revenues by the collection of sales taxes, especially utilities and gas. Also, the Metropolitan Sewer District was becoming a reality and Villages would not be served. And Fourth Class cities would have condemnation powers so they could create playground areas and recreation grounds for the residents. A Fourth Class City could obtain Federal Grants.

In April of 1955 the newly formed Fourth Class City of Dellwood held its first election. They now were in the Mayoral form of Government with Ward Aldermen. In the April 1955 election, E. D. Jordan was elected Mayor with 270 votes. The City was divided into Four Wards but only two were elected the first year and the others were to be elected the following year.