St. Louis county Great Streets Initiative - West Florissant Road

In the spring of 2012, elected officials, staff, and residents for the cities of Dellwood, Ferguson, Country Club Hills, Flordell Hills, and Jennings, along with representatives from St. Louis County Highways and Traffic and East West Gateway Council of Governments formed the West Florissant Avenue Committee, recognizing the need for the revitalization of the West Florissant Avenue corridor. The redevelopment strategy for this corridor focused on a 4.5 mile segment of the arterial roadway, beginning south of I-270 and continuing southward through the listed five municipalities, concluding at the city limits of Saint Louis City.

The fundamental goal of this collaborative effort was to compose a strategic plan for the redevelopment of West Florissant Avenue corridor that would significantly improve the quality of life of the individuals who utilize the thoroughfare and also to transform the area to allow increased accessibility and support long term economic development within the corridor.

The City of Dellwood, in partnership with the City of Ferguson and St. Louis County Highways and Traffic has been awarded funds by East-West Gateway Council of Governments for the redevelopment of the West Florissant Road corridor.

Hudson Road & Trask Drive Improvements

 In the spring of 2012, the City of Dellwood applied for a Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grant for improvements of Hudson Road and Trask Drive. It is with great pleasure that the city announces that it has received a $1.7 million dollar grant for this project. Improvements would include 5-inch wide sidewalks with ADA compliant ramps and crosswalks on both sides of Hudson Road and Trask Drive in its entirety. This new sidewalk system will provide the residential access along these major thoroughfares to the commercial business district at West Florissant Avenue. Improvements will also include the repair and rehabilitation of the existing pavement on both streets, including curb reconstruction, slab replacement, milling of existing asphalt overlay, new asphalt overlay, and new pavement markings. A Town Hall meeting will be coordinated with residents residing along these 2 corridors for their feedback and support.